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Abstract_reference Identifier First name Last name Abstract Title
30835 P3.1 Karel Adámek A real-time Single Pulse detection algorithm for GPUs
31592 P8.30 François Agneray AstroNomical Information System V3
31267 P8.1 Alice Allen Astrophysics Source Code Library: Here we grow again!
30077 P1.1 Andrey Andrianov ASC Correlator and Astro Space Locator software: Data processing in “Radioastron” mission.
30993 P4.1 Maria Arevalo Sanchez Discovering European Hubble Science Archive Data
31247 P8.2 Roberto Avila SBC Point Spread Functions and Encircled Energy Curves
30079 P3.2 Elliott Ayling Accelerated Distributed Visualisation in The Theoretical Astrophysical Observatory (TAO)
31340 P7.1 Philippe Bacon Prospects about X- and gamma-ray counterparts of gravitational wave signals with INTEGRAL
31072 P1.2 Ji-Hye Baek Analysis tool using running-difference polar representation of SDO big data
31146 P2.1 Carlo Baffa SKA Monitor and Control: Harmonization Challenges
31410 P5.1 Sylvia Baggett Mitigating radiation damage effects in the HST/WFC3 CCD detectors
31126 P3.3 Veronica Baldini A PLC distributed layout: the case of the Instrument Control Electronics of ESPRESSO
30461 P8.3 Jim Barrett Interpolation between Compact Binary Population Synthesis Models
30241 P2.2 Alejandro Barrientos Machine Learning approaches for detection and classification of astrochemical spectral lines
30318 P2.3 Marco Bartolini DISCOS project status and evolution towards Continuous Integration
30799 P2.4 Ugo Becciani Visual Analytics in Astrophysics: an integrated tool based on VisIVO
30964 P6.1 Stefan Becker TAP Support in PyVO
30720 P2.5 Bruce Berriman How Managing The Montage Image Mosaic Engine Has Expanded Its Breadth of Use
31350 P8.4 Emmanuel Bertin VisiOmatic 2: a web client for remote visualization with real-time mixing of multispectral data
31344 P4.2 Sara Bertocco Building an interoperable distributed storage and authorization system
31094 P4.3 Andrea Bignamini LBT: INDIGO-DataCloud solutions for an Astronomical Distributed Archive
30897 P6.2 Thomas Boch MOCPy, a Python library to manipulate spatial coverage maps
31166 P1.3 François Bonnarel Photometric conservation in HiPS processing
31147 P1.4 Renato Borges Ariadne: a system for evaluation of AMAZED's spectroscopic redshift estimation efficiency
31061 P6.3 David Borncamp Satellite Detection in Advanced Camera for Surveys/Wide Field Channel Images
31095 P6.4 Matthew Bourque The Hubble Space Telescope Wide Field Camera 3 Quicklook Project
31046 P8.5 Alan Bridger Hosts, Guests and Shadows: Scheduling the SKA Telescopes
30830 P1.5 Kai Brügge Real Time Streaming Analysis of IACT Data
30793 P4.4 Robert Butora Common access to 2-D and 3-D galactic radio surveys within the VIALACTEA project
31073 P8.6 Michel Caillat A versatile software to support interferometric array configuration decision.
30815 P1.6 Giorgio Calderone QSFit: a new software for AGN optical spectral analysis.
31277 P8.7 Matteo Canzari Case study: the use of Nagios to monitoting the complex facility of Telescope Manager (TM) of Square Kilometer Array (SKA)
31183 P6.5 Nicolás Cardiel Using Python to simplify the automatic wavelength calibration of EMIR spectroscopic data
31182 P8.8 Maria Teresa Ceballos SIRENA: software for Athena X-IFU event reconstruction
30308 P1.7 Seo-Won Chang Applications of Open-source Spatio-Temporal Database Systems in Wide-field Time-domain Astronomy
30282 P2.6 Brian Cherinka Interacting with SDSS-IV MaNGA Data using Marvin
30431 P8.9 Vito Conforti Software Integration for the ASTRI SST-2M prototype proposed for the Cherenkov Telescope Array
31090 P1.8 Simon Conseil Advanced Data Reduction for the MUSE Deep Fields
30248 P1.9 Juan Córdova Barbosa Computational Intelligence for Stellar Magnetic Fields Parameter Determination
30341 P1.10 Luis Corral Effect of the signal to noise ratio on the accuracy of the automatic spectral classification of stellar spectra.
30486 P6.6 Steve Crawford Reducing Optical Observations with Python
31290 P1.11 Nicholas Cross Matched Aperture Photometry in the Wide Field Astronomy Unit Science Archives
31482 P1.12 André Csillaghy Reconstruction of Solar X-ray Images from Visibilities with Compressed Sensing
30770 P1.13 Guido Cupani Field tests for the ESPRESSO data analysis software
30792 P6.7 Christoph Deil An open catalog for TeV gamma-ray astronomy
31338 P6.8 Arancha Delgado Publishing Gaia Science Alerts
31006 P4.5 Sébastien Derriere VOAlerts : VO-enabled data service discovery
31035 P2.32 Fu Qing Duan Extracting Filaments Based on Morphology Components Analysis from Radio Astronomical Images
30973 P4.6 Kimberly DuPrie Decoupling the Archive
30997 P4.7 Javier Duran Generation and publication of Gaia Data Release 1 in the Gaia Archive
30744 P8.10 Daniel Durand HIPS for spectroscopic observations
31358 P2.7 Ken Ebisawa Web-based quick data analysis tools JUDO2 and UDON2
31029 P3.4 Satoshi Eguchi Pre-feasibility Study of Astronomical Data Archive Systems Powered By Public Cloud Computing and Hadoop Hive
31351 P6.9 Justin Ely The JWST Data Analysis Toolkit
30849 P1.37 Ilaria Ermolli IBIS-A The IBIS solar spectropolarimetric data Archive
31101 P8.11 Tony Farrell 2dFdr - still going strong after 20 years!
30782 P3.5 Marco Frailis The Euclid Science Ground Segment distributed infrastructure: system integration and challenges
30328 P6.10 Marco Fumana PNGS: an API ecosystem for Astronomical Applications Development
31125 P8.12 Cesar Enrique Garcia Dabo MOSCA: A generic library for MOS data reduction
30934 P1.14 Vincent Geers The ALMA Science Pipeline
31360 P2.8 Ranpal Gill Evaluation of COTS tools – Lessons from BepiColombo provide a methodical approach
31320 P8.13 Pedro Gomez-Alvarez The Euclid mission planning software
30567 P6.11 Justo Gonzalez "Python code parallelization, challenges and alternatives"
31194 P1.15 Juan Gonzalez-Nuñez Data Delivery for the ESA Gaia Data Release 1
30841 P8.14 Yan Grange Characterising radio telescope software with the Workload Characterisation Framework
31250 P8.15 Carl Grillmair Searching for Stellar Debris Streams in All-WISE
31259 P2.27  Juan Guzman Managing the ASKAP Computing project: from inception to Early Science Operations
31681 P2.28 José María Herrera Fernández Virtual Infrastructure Architecture for the StarFormMapper H2020 Science Project
31160 P8.16 Neal Hurlburt Evolving Solar Data Analysis Environment
31680 P2.29 Aitor Ibarra Ibaibarriaga SciApp: A scientific web collaboration tool
31240 P6.12 Tim Jenness Porting the LSST Data Management Pipeline Software to Python 3
31356 P6.13 Eric Jeschke Queue Mode Software for Subaru Telescope
30810 P2.9 Cristina Knapic ASTERICS/OBELICS Authentication and Authorization: investigations and status
30805 P1.36 Ivan Kolosov Architecture of processing and analysis system for Big astronomical Data
30213 P2.10 Dana Kovaleva The Binary star DataBase BDB v3.0
30771 P1.16 Martin Kuemmel Euclid Detections
31679 P6.14 Rafael Kueng A Citizen Science Powered Distributed Modeling Software Stack Written in Python: SpaghettiLens
30959 P3.6 Blaise Kuo Tiong Cloud Driven Multidisciplinary Changes to Computing Infrastructure at Canada France Hawaii Telescope Corporation
30903 P5.2 Gilles Landais Mapping images and spectra metadata with ObsCore DM
31196 P6.15 Kieran Leschinski SimCADO - a python package for simulating detector output for MICADO at the E-ELT
30823 P3.7 Changhua Li Astronomical Computing Environment of the Hybrid Architecture
30978 P4.8 Elisa Londero Asiago astronomical archive: status and features
30532 P6.16 Marcel Loose Loose Monitoring & Control Software for the new Westerbork Phased-Array Feed System
30723 P6.17 Michele Maris Modelling of Zodiacal Light Emission for Space Missions
31246 P5.3 Thomas McGlynn The SkyView Survey Data Model
30332 P1.18 Stefan Meingast Vienna survey in Orion - VISTA data reduction techniques
30383 P6.18 Marcelo Mendoza Scaling Up Data Cube Indexing Services for Content-based Searches in the Chilean Virtual Observatory
30856 P2.11 Laurent Michel A new Web interface for SAADA
31170 P4.9 Alberto Micol Enhanced capabilities of the ESO Science Archive Facility user interfaces
31364 P4.22 Jessica Mink SAO's Public Archive of Echelle Reticon Spectra
30347 P3.8 Jan David Mol Docker in Production: Experiences with Data Processing and Inspection
30768 P3.9 Gijs Molenaar Kliko - a Scientific Computer Container Format
30509 P8.18 Faviola Molina Visualization and customized analyzes with AstroCloud
30831 P4.10 Marco Molinaro Organizing standardisation of astronomical data access: the IVOA DAL WG current experience
31593 P2.30 Chrystel Moreau ASPIC & GAZPAR : National Services Observation in Astronomy - Astrophysics at CESAM
31312 P1.19 Mikio Morii Data Compression for optical movie data of the Tomo-e Gozen
30330 P1.20 Demitri Muna Trillian: An All-Sky, Multiwavelength Computation Framework
30202 P1.21 Silvana G. Navarro Automatic spectral classification of galaxies using SPITZER data
30515 P2.12 Vicente Navarro Towards a Common Software Engineering Environment for Science Operations
30807 P2.13 Kari Nilsson The design strategy of scientific data quality control software for Euclid mission.
30794 P6.19 Maximilian Noethe Towards robotic operation of the First G-APD Cherenkov Telescope
31346 P8.19 Junichi Noumaru Progress of computer and network replacement at Subaru Telescope
31047 P6.20 Alan O'Brien MAISIE: a Multipurpose Astronomical Instrument SImulator Environment
30791 P3.10 Simon O'Toole TAPping into Hadoop with AAO Data Central
31658 P4.11 Anais Oberto What is in SIMBAD ?
30889 P1.22 Maxime Paillassa Deblending in crowded star fields using convolutional neural networks
31070 P1.23 Jongyeob Park Development of a forecast model of solar wind speed using the convolution neural network
31176 P2.14 Sergio Pascual Integration of the Data Reduction Pipeline of EMIR during its commissioning
31239 P8.20 Jose Vicente Perea-Calderon Catalogue of the XMM-Newton Pipeline products. Present and Future
31069 P2.15 Fernando Perez-Lopez Applicability of Agile Scrum to BepiColombo MPO Science Ground Segment Development
30980 P1.24 François-Xavier Pineau HiPS Catalogue Generation
30268 P6.21 Laure Piqueras MPDAF - A Python package for the analysis of VLT/MUSE data
30927 P2.16 Kai Polsterer Probability Density Functions for Astronomy
31192 P6.22 Frederic Raison Scalability of an MPI4PY implementation of a 2D correlation code versus MPI
31251 P4.12 Anne Raugh 25 Years of Planetary Data Archiving with NASA's PDS: Lessons Learned the Hard Way
30219 P1.25 Giuseppe Riccio C3: A Command-line Catalogue Cross-matching tool for modern astrophysical survey data
30808 P5.4 Simona Righini Medicina, Noto and VLBI-IT Radio Archive: modelling radio data formats.
31440 P4.13 Luca Rizzi The Keck Observatory Archive
31384 P8.21 Yannick Roehlly XID+ a new prior-based extraction tool for Herschel-SPIRE maps
30766 P8.22 Erik Romelli Usage of an End-to-End Simulator for Instrument Operations: Application to the Euclid Mission
31003 P1-35 Arnold Rots Cross-matching the Chandra Source Catalog
30517 P1.26 Tim Ruhe Mining for Spectra - The Dortmund Spectrum Estimation Algorithm
31664 P1-34 Philippe Salomé ARTEMIX (Alma RemoTE MIning eXperiment)
31329 P4.14 María Henar Sarmiento XMM-Newton Science Archive (XSA)
31316 P2.17 Renaud Savalle APERICubes - an on-line Astronomical and Planetary Ergonomic Research Interface for data Cubes
30327 P2.18 Paolo Scala EasyLife: A Conceptual framework for semi-automatic survey management
31128 P4.15 Pietro Schipani The pipeline for the ExoMars DREAMS scientific data archiving
31085 P1.27 Alain Schmitt AMAZED : Algorithm for Massive Automated Z Evaluation and Determination
31179 P2.19 Christopher Schollar MeerKAT Data Center Technology Spotlight
30821 P5.5 Mathieu Servillat Structuring metadata for the Cherenkov Telescope Array
29843 P4.16 Marina Shatskaya Storage and processing of big data volume for Space-VLBI projects (Radioastron and Millimetron Missions).
31118 P8.23 Yuji Shirasaki Update of the JVO Subaru Suprime-Cam mosaic image archive
31225 P8.24 Hassan Siddiqui Gaia Downlink and Uplink Processing
30801 P1.28 Petr Škoda Using Machine Learning for Identification of Artifacts and Interesting Celestial Objects in LAMOST Spectral Survey
30803 P4.17 Riccardo Smareglia Archive, discover and match compact and diffuse objects on the galactic plane in the VIALACTEA project
30336 P1.29 Jeffrey Smith Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: The Success of the Kepler Transit Finding Pipeline and its Adaptation to the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS)
31129 P6.23 Jan Snigula MCP - The Wendelstein Observatory Master Control Program
30230 P1.30 Danuta Sosnowska MCMC algorithms at the service of exo-planets hunters
31031 P8.25 Felix Stoehr The ALMA Science Archive: Construction
29287 P2.20 Ole Streicher Debian Astro: An open computing platform for astronomy
31100 P2.21 Christian Surace PF-SPE : A spectroscopic redshift measurement and spectral features extraction prototype for EUCLID
31132 P3.11 Michael Swam HST/JWST Data Processing Performance under HTCondor/OWL
31248 P6.24 Joanna Taylor Using Python and Databases to Monitor the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph
31121 P1.31 Mark Taylor All of the Sky: HEALPix density maps of Gaia-scale datasets from the database to the desktop
30816 P2.22 Franco Tinarelli SKA : the A&A requirements and prototype
30748 P6.25 Maurizio Tomasi Compression of smooth one-dimensional data series using "polycomp"
30342 P3.12 Kevin Vinsen Imaging SKA-Scale Data on Cloud and Supercomputer Infrastructure using Drops and a Data Flow Management System
30256 P2.23 Dany Vohl Collaborative visual analytics of large radio surveys
31679  P2.31  Claudio Vuerli The management of risks in the Euclid SGS
30806 P3.13 Thomas Vuillaume Application of HPC and vectorization solutions to data calibration and Hillas-method reconstruction for Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes
30967 P2.24 Pascal Wassong The ASTRODEEP Frontier Fields portal
31181 P4.18 Owen Williams The Role of the Euclid Archive System in the Processing of Euclid and External Data
31641 P4.19 Thomas Winegar Beyond the Login: Transactional Randomized Authentication for Data DOwnload
30787 P8.26 Kanoa Withington OPERA: and open-source pipeline for escelle spectrographs
27000 P4.20 Michael D Young SpArc: Preservation of 20 years of Spectrographic Data
30951 P2.25 Hailong Yuan Implementation of Stellar Parameters Estimation in ASERA
31116 P1.32 Alessandra Zanichelli Dish Washer: a software tool for RFI mitigation in single-dish radio astronomical observations
31155 P8.27 Jiannan Zhang An Automated Galaxy Recognition and Redshift Measurement System for Low-resolution Spectra
31027 P2.26 Mo Zhang Prototype VOEvent Network System for the SVOM Chinese Ground Segment
30785 P1.33 Yanxia Zhang Extra-Trees for Photometric Redshift Estimation of Quasars
30127 P4.21 Olga Zhelenkova Long-term data management in the SAO RAS archive system
31043 P8.28 Lixiao Zhou Astronomical big data testing of astronomical data analysis software and systems
30795 P8.29 Sonia Zorba APOGEO: an automatic management system for astronomical portals