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Abstract Reference: 30896
Identifier: I11.1
Presentation: Invited Speaker
Key Theme: 6 Python in Astronomy

The rise of Python and the open-development revolution in Astronomy

Robitaille Thomas

Over the last decade, the rapid adoption of the Python programming language by astronomers has been coupled with the rise of some of the largest open-source and openly-developed projects in Astronomy to date, including the Astropy and yt projects. In this talk, I will give a broad overview of these projects, and will focus on the human and technological elements that have made these types of international collaborations possible. In particular, I will give a broad overview of the freely-available and constantly-evolving online toolkit that can be used by anyone interested in developing open-source software and collaborating remotely. In addition, I will discuss challenges that are inevitable as these kinds of open-source projects grow, as well as lessons learned along the way.

Abstract Reference: 31175
Identifier: T2
Presentation: Tutorial
Key Theme: 6 Python in Astronomy 

Multi-dimensional linked data exploration with glue

Robitaille Thomas

Modern data analysis and research projects often incorporate multi-dimensional data from several sources, and new insights are increasingly driven by the ability to interpret data in the context of other data. Glue ( is a graphical environment built on top of the standard scientific Python stack to visualize relationships within and between data sets. With glue, users can load and visualize multiple related data sets simultaneously, specify the logical connections that exist between data, and this information is transparently used as needed to enable visualization across files. Glue includes a number of data viewers such as a scatter plot viewer, an image viewer, and more advanced 3D viewers, and also provides a mechanism for users to build their own custom visualizations. The aim of this (beginner) tutorial will be to get users set up with glue, loading datasets, interactively learning about the different viewers, and exploring data with linked selections.

Abstract Reference: 31324
Identifier: B4
Presentation: BoF
Key Theme: 6 Python in Astronomy 

The Astropy Project - community discussion and feedback

Robitaille Thomas, Crawford Steve

The Astropy Project ( is a community effort to develop a single core package for Astronomy in Python and foster interoperability between Python astronomy packages. The aim of this BoF session will be to bring together developers and users of the Astropy core and affiliated packages to discuss future plans for project. This will include a brainstorming session to prioritize future development, as well as a discussion of the various ways for people to contribute to the project.